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barbed wire
Archived Stories

on our Daily Radio Edition....

barbed wire

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"Grand Duke Alexis"

Duke Alexis

The young Grand Duke of Russia
came to the United States to hunt buffalo.
The grand marshal of the hunt was George Armstrong Custer.
And the Duke’s guide was Buffalo Bill Cody.

"Pat Garrett"

Pat Garrett

After killing Billy the Kid, Garret’s life turned for the worse,
even to the point of its end.

"Sam Houston Slandered"

Sam Houston

Sometimes when a man is down you don’t want to kick him.
It happened to Sam Houston,
and the kicks gave him extra determination.

"Train Ox-Cart Race"

Train Ox-Cart Race

Although the train was the fastest means of travel in 1880,
there’s one instance of an ox cart being faster.

"Bat Masterson Marries"

Bat Masterson

Most gamblers never marry because they’re always on the move,
and they work at night.
Bat not only got married. He had a successful marriage.




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