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The February 2016 line-up:

Elizabeth Custer
Elizabeth Custer

GODDARD STATION KILLING – After killing two people in Phoenix, Arizona, two Mexicans escape to Mexico. It will intrigue you how they were captured.

TREATY OF GUADALUPE – Following the war with Mexico the United States paid Mexico 15 million dollars, and in return they got California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

GORDON W. LILLIE – Although not as well known, Lillie was a more successful showman than Buffalo Bill Cody.

DALTON’S FIRST TRAIN ROBBERY – The first train robbery committed by the Dalton Brothers was such a fiasco that they should have known not to continue as outlaws.

CONSTABLE ALEXANDER – In the Old West a man was not to hurt a woman. But what’s a lawman to do when a woman confronts him with a rifle while carrying out his job?

JOHN S. FORD – Texas Ranger, Ford, was involved in the first incident where we used a landing craft to deliver men into a foreign country.

ELIZABETH CUSTER – Quite possibly the wisest move George Armstrong Custer ever made was to marry Elizabeth Bacon.

LEE HALL – Hall was a Texas Ranger who seemed not to be afraid of anything. Could it have been the result of training he received from his previous occupation…a school teacher?

NAT LOVE – Born a slave, Nat Love became one of the most famous cowboys and rodeo performers of his time.

DONRAVEN – Donraven is just one more man whose life was changed by his visit to Yellowstone.

KANSAS COUNTIES – Following the Civil War the government wanted to settle Kansas, so they set up a system for establishing new counties. Con artists loved it.

THE SOLID MULDOON – Even the 1800’s had their rock stars. And like many rock stars this one lasted only about a year before he faded into obscurity.

ARIZONA RANGERS – Although they aren’t as well known as the Texas Rangers, the Arizona Rangers were even more important to the future of their state.

SEQUOHAH – Although not formally educated, Sequohah was able to create a written language for the Cherokee people.

HASSAYAMPA TREASURE – Following the failure of a dam in which over 100 people were killed, it was discovered that thousands of dollars worth of gold coins were deposited in the Hassayampa River.

CYNTHIA ANN PARKER – Kidnapped as a child by the Comanche, she was later re-kidnapped by Texas Rangers. Neither kidnapping was to her liking.

EDWARD HARRIMAN – Taking over bankrupt and railroads in disrepair, Harriman created such a large empire that the government broke it up under antitrust regulations.

LUKE SHORT – Were it not for a self-defense killing in early 1881, Luke Short would probably have been at the O.K. Corral shootout next to Wyatt Earp.

THE MYSTERIOUS KID – Although he was acquitted for killing a Deputy Sheriff, The Mysterious Kid mysteriously continued his outlaw life until it was ended with a lynching.

LAST INDIAN BATTLE – In 1911 a small group of Shoshone Indians went on a rampage. Their escapades led to the last Indian battle.

PAT GARRETT – After killing Billy the Kid, Garret’s life turned for the worse, even to the point of its end.

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