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The February 2018 line-up:

Charles Siringo
Charles Siringo

TREATY OF GUADALUPE – Following the war with Mexico the United States paid Mexico 15 million dollars, and in return they got California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

SUNSET ROUTE – After the completion of the transcontinental railroad, the barons looked south and put together another transcontinental railroad.

THEY AVOIDED BEING HANGED – The wife of the man killed stopped a lynching in its tracks. But not in the way you may think.

CHARLES SIRINGO – Like a bulldog unwilling to let go, Siringo pursued Butch Cassidy until he left to go to South America.

ABILENE, KANSAS – Abilene was the king of the cattle towns, until they told the cattlemen and cowboys not to come back.

DAWES SEVERALTY ACT – Here is another instance where the U.S. government, in its attempt to help the Indian, only created a bigger problem.

LUKE--COURTRIGHT SHOOTOUT – The strangest thing happened when Luke Short and Longhair Courtright got into a shootout. And, because of that, the first one to draw ended up dead

JOHN S. FORD – Texas Ranger, Ford, was involved in the first incident where we used a landing craft to deliver men into a foreign country.

LEE HALL – Hall was a Texas Ranger who seemed not to be afraid of anything. Could it have been the result of training he received from his previous occupation… a school teacher?

SAMUEL CUMMINGS – Unfortunately for Cummings, his brother-in-law was Dallas Stoudenmire. And this brother-in-law caused some tough times for Cummings.

OLIVE OATMAN I & II – At the age of 13 Olive was kidnapped by Indians. After five years of captivity, with tattoos on her face, she returned to white civilization to live a full life.

SILVER DOLLARS MADE LEGAL – Following the "Crime of '73" when the government stopped producing silver coins, the government started using silver again, on a limited basis.

JOHN TUNSTALL – The death of Tunstall was the spark lighting the fuse that was to become the Lincoln County War.

DAVE RUDABAUGH – During his life Dave was involved with a number of famous people. But he wasn’t the center of attraction until after his death.

WASHAKIE – While other tribes were trying to kill the white man as he came out west, Washakie and Shoshone band assisted them, and ended up receiving special favors.

EDWARD HARRIMAN – Taking over bankrupt and railroads in disrepair, Harriman created such a large empire that the government broke it up under antitrust regulations.

LAST INDIAN BATTLE – In 1911 a small group of Shoshone Indians went on a rampage. Their escapades led to the last Indian battle.

POKER ALICE – Although Alice Ivers became one of the Old West’s most famous poker players, madams and saloon owners, her establishments were always closed on Sundays.

COLORADO TERRITORY CREATED – The Colorado Territory was so rugged that no one visited it, that is until gold was discovered.


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