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The March 2016 line-up:

Larcena Page
Larcena Page

YELLOWSTONE I – For 45 years mountain men were considered crazy when they brought back stories about the wonders of Yellowstone. Finally, the government sent a survey team to check it out.

YELLOWSTONE II – Ferdinand Hayden came back from his expedition with pictures and a 500-page report that resulted in Yellowstone becoming our first National Park.

YELLOWSTONE III – An artist that went on the expedition, Thomas Moran, was so impressed with what he saw that he changed his name.

HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT – With a library of more than 40,000 books, Hubert Bancroft published the complete history of North America, from Panama to Alaska.

PONY BOB – Pony Express riders were young men of great determination. But none was a determined as Pony Bob.

JESSE CHISHOLM – As a mountain man Chisholm traveled the west trading with the Indians and acting as an interpreter for the government. But he’s best known for a cattle trail on which more than a million cattle traveled called the Chisholm Trail.

KANSAS QUARANTINE – The Kansas legislature passed a bill prohibiting Texas cowboys and their cattle from coming to Kansas. Although it might seem extreme, there were good reasons for it.

THE POLITE ROBBERS – All Old West outlaws weren’t rough and gruff. At least all Old West outlaws weren’t rough and gruff all the time.

CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT – Looking for money in the gold fields around 100,000 Chinese came to California. This resulted in legislation that stopped most Chinese immigration.

BENSON STAGE HOLDUP I & II – During the Old West there were hundreds of stage holdups, but this one was special. It was a major factor in the O. K. Corral Shootout.

BOB PAUL – The robbers of the Benson-Tombstone stage failed in their objectives, but the robbery did become one of the major factors in the O. K. Corral shootout.

COWBOYS GO ON STRIKE – Even though they have the tradition of “riding for the brand,” in 1883 some cowboys went on strike. If you know cowboys, you know the outcome.

LARCENA PAGE I & II – Frontier women had it rough. But none endured more than Larcena, and overcame.

BATTLE OF POWDER RIVER – On the verge victory, the troops of Colonel Reynold’s troops allowed the Indians to escape. His excuse was that his troops were led by an Indian in war paint.

TUBURCIO VASQUEZ – It seems that Tuburcio was in jail more than he was free. If they would have had the “three strikes you’re out” law in the Old West Tuburcio would have created a lot less havoc.

JOHN WESLEY POWELL – Although he lost one of his arms in the Civil War, and was considered an armature geologists, he eventually became the director of the United States Geological Survey.

BLACK BEAN LOTTERY – People play the lottery in hopes of winning a fortune. In 1843 a group of 176 Texans played in hopes of willing their life.

GOLIAD – We’re all familiar with the battle cry “Remember the Alamo.” In reality, that was only half of the battle cry.

WOMEN JURORS – Although one of the reasons for not allowing women on a jury was that they would be easily swayed by the defense, the Laramie, Wyoming jury proved that reason wrong.

TOM McCARTY – Tom was an outlaw involved with Butch Cassidy. He may not have always been successful, but he did have a macabre sense of humor.

SOCKLESS JERRY SIMPSON – Politician Jerry Simpson took a lemon and made lemonade from it.

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