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The April 2016 line-up:

Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley

TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA FOUNDED – On April 1, 1877, Ed Schieffelin decided to go prospecting in southern Arizona. Everyone though he was a fool.

WILLIAM BRADY – When Billy the Kid and his regulators killed Sheriff William Brady, because of the way it happened, Billy started losing support.

MARQUIS DE MORES I & II – Marques De Mores, a French nobleman came to the Dakota badlands to make money in the cattle industry. Unfortunately for him, he not only got on the bad side of the locals, his ideas were way ahead of time.

JOHN WEBB – While in jail for murder, John refused to be broken out of jail…that is the first time it was offered, not the second time.

ESTHER MORRIS – Although Esther has been celebrated as an early women’s movement hero, she was in no way radical.

COMANCHE – Looking for hero’s following the Little Big Horn, an unusual one was selected, a horse named Comanche.

SEMINOLE-NEGROES – A most unusual military unit, they were tenacious in hunting down the marauding Comanche.

ED MASTERSON – Although he wasn’t reluctant to do his duty as a lawman, Ed Masterson was just too affable. And it cost him his life.

EDWARD CASH – Cash was the center of a stolen cattle ring. Although his neighbors couldn’t prove it in court, they were able to bring an end to the stolen cattle.

UTAH WAR – When Brigham Young brought his followers to Utah, he decided to make it an independent nation. The U.S. didn’t go along with his plan.

BUD FRAZER – Bud got into three gunfights with the same man…Killer Jim Miller. In the third one, Miller finished it with a shotgun.

ANNIE OAKLEY I & II – Phoebe Anne Moses, a slight girl from Ohio was probably one of the least likely people to be associated with the Wild West.

POLITICIAN CUSTER – Militarily Custer saw the saw the enemy and attacked. Political Custer tried the same thing, but it didn’t work.

DEACON JIM MILLER – Jim Miller man was known as Deacon Miller and Killer Miller. And both names were correct.

CASTLE GRANDE HOLDUP – Butch Cassidy did a great job of planning his robberies. This is a prefect example of his work.

OKLAHOMA LAND RUSH I & II – Although the Oklahoma Land Rush was to have been an equal opportunity for everyone, there were those who took advantage of the situation.

STEAMSHIP SULTANA – Following the Civil War, captured Union Soldiers were returning home, when an unbelievable tragedy struck.

HENRY NEWTON BROWN – Marshal Brown and his deputy took a few days off from work to rob a bank in nearby Medicine Lodge, Kansas.

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