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The May 2016 line-up:

Bob Leatherwood - A Spooked Horse

JIM MURPHY ARRESTED – After being arrested, in order to get a pardon, Jim Murphy sets up his friend, outlaw Sam Bass.

GEORGE NEWCOMB – Bitter Creek Newcomb finds that just because he has the love of a woman, it doesn’t mean her brothers also care for him.

JOHN B. JONES – Following the Civil War, Confederate Jones looked to start a country elsewhere for dissidents. What he did latter in his life will surprise you.

BATTLE OF PUEBLO, MEXICO – Here is the story behind the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. And, it isn’t Mexican Independence Day.

SITTING BULL GOES TO CANADA – After the Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull found the military determined to destroy him. So he went to Canada. But that didn’t last long.

PYRAMID LAKE WAR – The white man didn’t win all the wars with the Indian. This is an excellent example of one they lost.

WIND WAGON – Samuel Peppard didn’t let his not having horses or oxen hamper him from traveling out west in his wagon. He used a resource in abundance in the Kansas Territory.

BUFFALO BILL IN LONDON – The story of how William Cody became Buffalo Bill and started his Wild West show.

TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD COMPLETED – The story of the celebration that took when the two railroads met at Promontory, Utah. But was the railroad really completed?

DAVE MATHER – Known as Mysterious Dave Mather, he was hired as a lawman more for his skill with a gun, than his skill at obeying the law

STAGECOACH TREASURE – Another story of lost treasure found. But the finder died before he could tell anyone where it is.

WHAM PAYROLL ROBBERY 1&2 – The mysterious robbery of a payroll wagon, and how information that came out 53 years later revealed a completely different story.

GOOD BROTHER/BAD BROTHER – It’s always interesting how brothers take different paths in life, and how one influences the other to take his path…even if it isn’t the straight and narrow.

PIONEER MARRIAGE – Bethenia Owens marriage turned from bad to awful. But it was what she did afterward that is the story.

SAN FRANCISCO’S SECOND VIGILANTE COMMITTEE – We’re familiar with the vigilante committee that was formed at the time of the gold rush. But, there was another that was formed in 1856.

UNDELIVERED TELEGRAM – Many a telegram was sent during the Old West. And most were delivered. One telegram that wasn’t delivered cost the lives of 125 settlers and Indians.

OREGON TRAIL – The 2,000-mile journey taken by many a pioneer as they looked for new opportunities and a new life.

BOB LEATHERWOOD – Leatherwood accomplished a lot around the area of Tucson, Arizona Territory. But, he had to admit that the one he was most famous for happened as the result of an accident.

KIT CARSON 1&2 – Carson was a true frontiersman, diplomat, Indian agent, military genius and leader of men who had a secret his whole life. It was that he was illiterate.

JOHN WESLEY HARDEN’S 21ST – Harden was just as famous during his lifetime as he is today. Like some parties today, his 21st birthday party ended up in the cops showing up, and some dead bodies.

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