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The June 2016 line-up:

Wild Bill Hickok, Showman
Wild Bill Hickok, Showman

HORACE GREELEY – After telling others to “go out West”, Horace finally does it himself. Even though he only spent four months there, his experiences greatly affected his life.

83 HOUR TRAIN SERVICE – When the transcontinental railroad was completed it took just 83 hours to go from New York to San Francisco. But, for some passengers it could take ten or more days.

RED BEARD’S BAR – Outlaws sometime try to change their ways. Red Beard tried by opening a bar. Unfortunately, for him, it was easier being an outlaw.

CHIEF ESKIMINZIN – In the battle between the white man and the Indian there was probably no stranger act than that committed by Chief Eskiminzin on June 5, 1871.

SAN FRANCISCO VIGILANCE COMMITTEE I & II – With the town of San Francisco overrun with criminals and the court corrupt, the citizens decided to take the situation in their own hands.

CAMP GRANT MASSACRE – The story of how a young girl miles away saved the lives of six Apache babies.

ROBERT FORD – Although Robert killed a famous outlaw, it not only didn’t make him a hero, it made him an outcast.

PAULINE CUSHMAN – The Old West had a tendency to grind people down. And, tragically, no one was ground down more than Pauline Cushman.

COMSTOCK LOAD – The men who discovered the famous Comstock Load in Colorado died penniless, as did the men who discovered gold in California.

WILLIAM DANIELS – Although lawman William Daniels isn’t known today, if you were an Arizona outlaw you sure wouldn’t want him on your trail.

ALFRED PACKER I & II – Known as the “ghoul of the San Juans” because of his cannibalism, Alfred Packer’s story seemed to go on forever.

BILLY WILSON – Sometimes men are able to outlive their past, turn over a new leaf, and are given a new chance.

JOHN COLTER – Stripped of all his clothes and told to run, John Colter was able to travel 250 miles with Blackfoot Indians on his trail.

GEORGE FLATT – Things moved fast in the Old West. One day George is a hero. The next day he’s a dead bum.

WILD BILL HICKOK, SHOWMAN – Wild Bill Hickok tried his hand as a showman like his friend Buffalo Bill Cody. But it seems he had no stage presence.

MARTIN SWEENY – Although the movies show men engaged in face-to-face shootouts, actual gun deaths were usually the way it happened to Martin Sweeny.

JOHN LARN I & II – Although John Larn committed a number of atrocities, the law never chased him. But that doesn’t mean his friends didn’t do the job the law should have.

CRAWFORD GOLDSBY – There are those who say a name makes a man. When Crawford Goldsby changed his name, it sure made him different.

ABEL HEAD PIERCE – Abel Pierce was a cowboy from Rhode Island who’s name didn’t impress anyone. But when he became Shanghai Pierce, things changed.

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