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The July 2016 line-up:

Texas-New York Cattle Drive
Texas-New York Cattle Drive

TEXAS-NEW YORK CATTLE DRIVE – One of the very first northern cattle drives from Texas took cattle to New York City…New York City! Yes, New York City.

FRONTIER NEWSPAPERS – Frontier newspapers had a far broader use than just dispensing the news to the people of the frontier.

LAWMAN REGRETS DOING THE RIGHT THING – Sometimes a lawman arrests an outlaw and brings him to justice, only to regret not killing the outlaw at the time of arrest.

JUANITA OF DOWNIEVILLE – If this story has a moral it is that once you offend a woman, stay away from her, even to apologize.

GEORGE WARREN – There are those people who like to bet the horses. But how many loose $20 million on one race?

WARREN EARP – It’s tough being a younger brother of famous men, especially if each time your brothers did something exciting, you were at home with mom and dad.

JOHN HARDEN KILLS TOWN – During his life John Wesley Harden killed about 22 men. In addition, it could very well be that the death of a thriving town could also be laid at his feet.

JEFFERSON RANDOLPH SMITH – Smith realized early on that it was easier to manipulate three walnut shells than an 800-pound cow, and he became a famous con man known as “Soapy” Smith.

FRANK LESLIE KILLS GIRLFRIEND – Even though many a man was lynched for killing a woman, Buckskin Frank sure got off easy when he killed one.

HANK MONK – Movie and TV westerns show stagecoach driver as a crusty old man, but not Hank Monk.

FORT PHIL KEARNY – A fort built to protect settlers along the Bozeman Trail. But, because of one man, it was eventually abandoned and burned down.

WILDY WELL SHOOTOUT – After Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid, his career went steadily downhill. This story is just another push in that direction.

JOHN RINGO – A cowboy who gained fame more for his name than any accomplishments, has become even more famous because of an ongoing controversy about his death.

DODGE CITY FOUNDED – Starting out as Buffalo City, when the railroad arrived the name was changed and it became the “Queen of the Cow Towns.

DAVID NEAGLE – David discovered when involved in a polarizing situation, to take a neutral position can only mean being attacked by both sides.

RATTLESNAKE DICK – If ever there was a man pushed into a life of crime it was Dick Barter.

FREE THOMPSON GROUP – When Cochise tangled with this group, he got more than he had planned.

HICKOK-TUTT SHOOTOUT – Dave Tutt and Will Bill Hickok had more than one confrontation. The last one involved women. And Wild Bill came out on top.

SAM BASS – Sam Bass was a likable guy who just enjoyed excitement. And, as a result, he became Texas’ most famous outlaw.

HARRY WHEELER – Harry accomplished as much or more than other more famous lawmen. Unfortunately, he was born a few years too late to get their fame.

WYATT SHOOTS COWBOY – Although Wyatt Earp got credit for shooting George Hoy, in reality, with led flying from more than one gun, it’s really not known who did it.

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