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The August 2016 line-up:

Wagon Box Fight
Wagon Box Fight

JOHN BAYLOR – Baylor spent his life hating Indians. Unfortunately, many times he was in a position of authority over them.

CALAMITY JANE – Martha Canarry had the ability to spin a tall yarn. But one thing was for sure, she also had the ability to be the center of attraction.

WAGON BOX FIGHT – This was one of the few times that Red Cloud made a mistake in battle. The mistake was that his opponents had breech-loading Springfield rifles.

NEEL MOWRY ENDURANCE RACE – Horseracing and the required betting was big in the Old West. However, when Neel raced, the bets we on him and not the horse.

HARRY TRACY – Harry was called “mad dog.” And here is one time that a nickname fit the personality.

JIM REED – Another one of those obscure outlaws. But, his wife wasn’t obscure.

GEORGE DAVIDSON – When George was in Alaska a total eclipse took place. It saved his life.

FLORENCE STAGE ROBBERY 1 & 2 – There were thousands of stage robberies in the Old West, but for just plain stupidly, there was none that matched the outlaws in this robbery.

MIKE MCCLUSKIE’S BAD DECISION – A strong willed man, Mike McCluskie killed Texan Bill Wilson in a fair fight. Concerned about other Texans taking revenge, Mike left town. A week later Mike returned to town and was killed by the Texans.

BIDDY MASON – Overcoming obstacles was a trait of people who came out west. But, no on overcame more serious obstacles than Biddy Mason.

MARK TWAIN’S STAGE RIDE – Stage travel was rough at best. And, even though Mark Twain was known for exaggerating, his writing about his stage ride was probably accurate.

TEMPLE HOUSTON – Temple was probably the first celebrity lawyer. And he was quite a man.

WILLIAM AVERILL COMSTOCK – Comstock was the prototypical military scout. He was able to understand and get along with Indians, but he had a secret past.

JAYBIRD-WOODPECKER WAR – Here is a Texas political war where it was difficult to determine who were the Republicans and the Democrats, because they kept impersonating the other party.

THE KID KILLS FIRST MAN – Every famous outlaw has to kill his first man. This is the story of Kid Antrim’s.

CYRUS SKINNER – Sometimes it seems no matter how many times a person is punished for his bad actions, he never learns. But, there are ways of stopping this repetitive nature.

ED CRAWFORD – Old West lawmen were either fired by the mayor or fired upon by the outlaws. Both happened to Ed Crawford.

GAMBLER JIM BOWIE – Jim Bowie steps in to help a young man who was cheated out of money by riverboat gamblers. The interesting part of the story is how Jim did it.

JOHN ARMSTRONG – Texas Ranger Armstrong was known as a bulldog because of his tenaciousness. John Wesley Harden experienced the bulldog even though Harden was in Florida.

BILL DOOLAN SHOT – Marshall Heck Thomas shot outlaw Doolan after he was already dead. The reason is interesting.

ELIZABETH ANN CLIFTON – Truly, it took strong women to survive in the Old West. And, Elizabeth Ann was as strong as they came.

MASS LYNCHING – Although nine men were found lynched, no one talked about it, and it sure wasn’t reported in the newspaper.

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