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The September 2016 line-up:

Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy

FELIPE ESPINOSA 1 & 2 – After having six relatives killed in the Mexican War, Felipe went to Colorado with the objective of killing 600 Coloradoans.

DOOLAN SHOOTOUT – This event could have been called “The Shootout at the O.K. Hotel,” but there might have been a problem with an event that took place eleven years earlier.

GRATIN MASSACRE REVENGE – Over 100 Sioux were killed as revenge for the death of an abandoned ox.

JOSEPH MCCOY – A 19 year old from Illinois transforms the cattle industry and makes Chicago the meat packing capital of the United States.

JAMES-YOUNGER COMPANY 1 & 2 – The James-Younger gang raised outlawry to the level of a successful business. But they ran into trouble when they tried to expand to Minnesota.

MADAME MUSTACHE – Madame Mustache’s life was a series of ups and downs. Unfortunately, the downs caused her to take drastic actions.

CALIFORNIA BECOMES A STATE – Money talks, or in this case, it’s gold. California becomes a state without first having to meet the requirements.

BERT ALVROD – Bert walked both sides of the fence, as a lawman and an outlaw.

AUBRY’S WILD RIDE – Francis Aubry rode horseback from Santa Fe New Mexico to Independence, Missouri, in the process causing the death of one man and numerous horses. You’ll be surprised to find out why.

CROOK’S STARVATION MARCH – The life of a frontier soldier was a rough one. And Crook’s march made it even worse.

BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL – Hollywood movies show stage passengers experiencing minor difficulties. Once again Hollywood misses the mark.

THE OXBOW ROUTE – “Pork” in legislation passed by Congress isn’t new. It even happened back in 1858.

ROMAN NOSE – Roman Nose proved that it’s not to be debated that if someone believes something strong enough, it will come true.

BATTLE OF BEECHER’S ISLAND – The story of the first major conflict against Indians where the army had Spencer repeating rifles.

SEITH BULLOCK – Seith Bullock was a man who seemed to be everywhere and do everything.

CHIEF JOSEPH 1 & 2 – Chief Joseph’s inspirational leadership of his Nez Perce resulted in respect from many a white.

OLIVER LOVING – As you hear about Loving’s death, you’ll be reminded of the death of Gus in Lonesome Dove.

FRANK M. CANTON – Many men of the Old West changed their name to gain a reputation or to evade one. Canton, not his real name, did it to evade one.

LEW WALLACE – Lew Wallace was the governor of New Mexico at the time of the Lincoln County War. Could it be that he wasn’t a good governor because he was busy writing Ben Hur?

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