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The September 2017 line-up:

Scott Cooley
Scott Cooley

IRA ATEN – Ira was so affected with the experience of observing the death of Sam Bass that he determined to become a champion of law and order.

LAST WARRIOR SURRENDERS – On September 4, 1886, "One Who Yawns" surrendered to General Nelson Miles. You'll be surprised when you discover his Mexican name.

JESSIE JAMES BORN – Although Jessie James fans don't like admitting it, he wasn't a Robin Hood.

CRAZY HORSE – One of the great Indian war chiefs, Crazy Horse ended up dying in an undignified way.

RAWHIDE, NEVADA BURNS – Like many frontier boom towns, nature holds its destiny.

WRONG MEN HANGED – After hearing this story, partakers of alcoholic beverages may go on the wagon.

SCOTT COOLEY – During the 1870's Texas was full of feuds. Scott was instrumental in starting the Mason County War that went on for 16 years

NORTHFIELD RAID 1 & 2 – Although the James and Younger gang was the cock of the roost in Missouri, their trip to Minnesota was tragic.

JAMES WHITE – History books say that John Wesley Powell was the first person to travel the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. But, according to James White, they're wrong.

MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE – Mormons and Paiute Indians attack and kill a wagon train of Gentiles, resulting in government troops coming to Utah.

BEN HOLLIDAY – This king of transportation cut one too many corners, and found himself afoot.

ENOCH DAVIS – Facing death bravely was greatly admired in the Old West. Unfortunately, Enoch Davis was not one of the brave ones.

FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL MAIL SERVICE – Anytime you think traveling in a car or airplane is difficult, just think about this story of traveling in a stagecoach.

ROMAN NOSE – Roman Nose proved that it's not to be debated that if someone believes something strong enough, it will come true.

OLIVER PERRY – A most interesting story of a single man's attempt to rob a train, and his trying to escape.

CHIEF JOSEPH DIES – Chief Joseph always tried to maintain peace. But he is known for his ability to be victorious against the army.

MCCARTY TURNS BAD – But for an overreaction to a minor crime, Henry McCarty may have grown up to be an upstanding citizen.

BOWNSVILLE, TEXAS TREED – Mexican Juan Cortina, seeing his family's land holdings shrink took action against the Gringos.

LON CHAMBERS – Like many in the Old West, Lon Chambers' respect for the law was based on whether or not it was convenient for him to obey it.

TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA TERRITORY – The Old West's last boomtown survived killings and fires, but not a flood.

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