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The October 2016 line-up:

Dora Hand
Dora Hand

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK – In order to preserve the Yosemite area, the federal government gave the area to California. But, they did such a poor job; the government had to take it back.

ELLIS BEAN – During his life, Ellis had one of the most unique relationships with Mexico. Over the years he was an enemy, jailed and a resident of the country to our south.

DORA HAND KILLED – Dora was able to walk both sides of the street as a soiled dove, and church member. Unfortunately, a spurned lover did her in.

HICKOK SHOOTS DEPUTY – The most regrettable and last person Wild Bill Hickok killed was his own friend and deputy.

THOMAS BOWE – When playing poker, it’s best not to make fun of another player, even if he is your best friend. At least that’s what Thomas Bowe’s friend discovered.

COFFEYVILLE, KANSAS 1 & 2 – The Daltons thought they could best anything the James gang had done. But they were wrong.

DEPUTY MARSHAL PHILLIPS – The Marshal Phillips story is a "situation ethic" one. Would you do the right thing or not?

CHARLES CANTLEY – Pressures on a lawman are great. The pressures on Deputy Sheriff Cantley drove him to drink, and brought his life to an abrupt end.

JOHN ALLMAN – Another story that illustrates the evils of poker, as Allman not only killed the other two players, he went on a killing spree throughout Arizona.

TEXAS ANNEXED – Over the years the United States has had many opportunities to be an imperialist nation and annex other countries; back in 1845 we actually did that.

TEXAS RANGERS FORMED – In 1835 rebels revolting against their mother country formed a group of armed and mounted men to protect the borders. That group is still in existence.

STEVE LONG – Sometimes lawmen abused their authority. Long did it in aces; killing people just because they argued with him. But, the town took their revenge in the end.

ABILENE, KANSAS – Abilene was the prototype of the Old West cattle towns. But, like all of the cattle towns, their heyday was short lived.

TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD ROUTE – Although everyone agreed on the need for a transcontinental railroad, the route was in question. The deadlock was broken as the result of an event some 30 years after the need was realized.

"BLOODY" BILL ANDERSON – The Civil War resulted in a lot of inhumanity to fellow man, and Bloody Bill contributed more than his share.

CURLY BILL KILLS WHITE – Curly Bill Brocius killed Tombstone Marshal Fred White in front of a number of witnesses, including Wyatt Earp. But, he was found innocent. Just why?

CALIFORNIA JOE – California Joe became George Custer's chief of scouts one day and was fired the next.

HELENA, MONTANA – Unlike other boomtowns that began with the discovery of gold or silver, or the arrival of the railroad, Helena only grew when the boom left their town.

HOP ALLEY RIOT – Rumors spread after an encounter between a cowboy and a Chinese man that ended up in riots and death.

NEVADA BECOMES A STATE – Even though Nevada hadn’t met all the requirements of statehood, President Abraham Lincoln stepped in and made it happen for a special reason.

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