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The November 2016 line-up:


APACHE KID 1&2 – In a short time the Apache Kid went from a trusted scout to being sentenced to be shot by a firing squad. But he managed to escape, never to be caught.

BILL TILGHMAN – At the age of 71, the last active Old West sheriff was killed, but not by a bank robber or cattle thief.

ANDREW MCCONNEL – The story of the farmer who killed Marshal Tom Smith, by chopping off his head.

LEWIS HOLDER HANGED – Although Isaac Parker said when he hanged a man, he didn’t need to be handed a second time. At one point there were those that thought Lewis Holder would have to be hanged again.

BIG NOSE KATE – Known as the girlfriend of Doc Holliday, Mary Katherine Harony led an interesting life with and without Doc.

TETON JACKSON – A horse thief who store horses, not one or two at a time, but by the hundreds. But, like many outlaws, after spending time in jail he went down the straight and narrow.

BILL DUNN – Never a man to let friendship stand in the way of money, Bill and one of his brothers killed two friends because they had a $5,000 reward on their heads.

RENDEZVOUS – William Ashley decided to take supplies to the mountain men rather than have them come to St. Louis. What he started was a tradition unlike anything we’ve seen since.

NATHANIEL REED – The story of an outlaw from Arkansas living in Oklahoma with the nickname of "Texas Jack" who found he could make more money telling stories of his outlaw life than when he lived it.

SWILL CART CRASH – Back in the Old West there was no such thing as the EPA. Maybe in Virginia City, Nevada back in 1885 there should have been one such agency.

TIME ZONES – We take time zones for granted. But, before they were established, confusion reigned.

ST. JOSEPH, MO – St. Joseph was an important town as the kicking off point for wagon trains. But, because of a bridge it took second place to another city.

JAMES BOONE – After stabbing his friend 22 times, lawmen weren't overly exited in going after James. But, then he ran into a local sheriff named George Ruffner.

TOM HORN – According to Tom, "Killing is my specialty. I look at it as a business proposition, and I think I have a corner on the market."

BAT MASTERSON MARRIES – Most gamblers never marry because they're always on the move, and they work at night. Bat not only got married. He had a successful marriage.

WILD BUNCH POSES FOR PICTURE – How a fun picture resulted in the demise of one of the Old West’s most famous gangs.

HARVEY WHITEHILL – Sheriff Whitehill wasn’t above deceiving outlaws in order to get convictions.

CUSTER COURT-MARSHALED – George Custer always seemed to live on the edge. In 1867, he stepped over it, and was court-martialed on eight counts.

THE DIAMOND HOAX – At the time of the California gold rush there were a number of get-rich- quick hoaxes. But none better than the one put together by two Kentucky cousins.

BATTLE OF WASHITA – Four years after the San Creek Massacre, the same tribe was again attacked.

WILLIAM CRABTREE – Crabtree was an outlaw that ended up being arrested because of scientific crime techniques.

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