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The December 2016 line-up:

Ox Cart-Train Race
Ox Cart-Train Race

TRAIN-OX CART RACE – Although the train was the fastest means of travel in 1880, there’s one instance of an ox cart being faster.

BILL PICKET – As many as a third of the Old West cowboys were black. One of the greatest was Bill Pickett. He even invented a rodeo event.

ALBERT JENNINGS FOUNTAIN – Newspaper reporters go to dangerous places to follow the news. Fountain found himself in such a dangerous place, that he had to become a woman to get out.

JOHN HEATH – During the Old West people joined posies for all kinds of reasons. You’ll be surprised at John Heath’s reason.

STRANGE INVITATION – Following the requirements of the law Sheriff Waitron sent out an invitation to a hanging. But, it was so strange that it got Wattron in trouble.

THE SILENCE CURE – An 1800’s nerve specialist’s cure for nervous prostration and insomnia in women was silence.

NELSON STORY – The growth of the west was the result of risks taken by men of vision. And Nelson Story is a great illustration of one such man.

RENO GANG LYNCHED – There were a lot of lynchings during the Old West. But no lynching was as predictable as that of the Reno Gang.

TEXAS RANGERS SURRENDER – The Texas Rangers have a reputation of bravery and service to their State. Here’s one time that didn’t happen.

JOHNNIES BRUGHUIER – Johnnie’s story is a perfect example of how a seemingly devastating event can open opportunities beyond one’s imagination.

PATRICK COUGHLIN – Coughlin had great plans on how he would become rich as an outlaw. Unfortunately, he ran into an obstacle that wasn’t in his plans…a firing squad.

TOM O’FOLLIARD – Although Tom wasn’t well known, he’s presently buried next to Billy the Kid, because he was Billy’s best friend.

WILLARD CHRISTIANSON – Since there were no police academies in the Old West, Willard Christianson decided to use a “hands on” program, by first being an outlaw.

DR. GEORGE GOODFELLOW – When President Garfield was assassinated, he had the best eastern doctors tending his wounds. Had he been shot in Tombstone, Arizona, he very well could have survived.

CARLES BOWDRE – Bowdre had a hard time making up his mind whether he wanted to be an outlaw or a family man and rancher. He made the wrong decision.

CHRISTMAS WITH BEN THOMPSON – In the Old West everyone didn’t spend Christmas at home with their family. For Ben Thompson it was just another opportunity to drink and kill.

AN OLD WEST CHRISTMAS – The story of Denver’s first Christmas. It set a standard for all Christmases to come.

JOHN REYNOLDS HUGHES – Christmas is known as the beginning of life. For Hughes it was the end of two lives.

RUFUS SOMERBY – You’ve heard of men who have gotten in trouble by deserting the military. Rufus got into trouble by joining more than one branch at the same time.

DONIPHAN’S THOUSAND – Although the professional soldiers got the credit for victory in the Mexican War, this rag-tag group of men assured it.

VIRGIL EARP SHOT – The last half of 1881 was a tough time for the Earps. It was climaxed by the shooting of Virgil.

MARION HEDGEPETH – Marion learned his trade of outlawry in the West, but practiced it in the East.

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